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A beautiful day for the Apple Blossom Parade and Festival

The day couldn’t have been more perfect: a bright blue sky, a light breeze, perfect temperatures — and a ton of folks in flip-flops, Birkenstocks and sun hats out to enjoy the day.

The Apple Blossom Parade kicked off at 10 o’clock sharp and reminded everyone again of why they love Sebastopol so much.

Sebastopol Police Chief Ron Nelson led the parade, followed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but there were also the tie-dye clad folks of Peacetown, the Redwood Rainbow Square Dancers, and the Waldorf charter school with its giant Mother Earth puppet.

At the festival, the food avenue was thronged, the music was rockin’, and the vendors’ wares were made locally.

And the winners are…

Between musical sets, the Chamber of Commerce announced parade winners in several categories:

Peacetown group won for the nonprofit entry.


1) Peacetown

2) Senior Center

3) Farm Trails


1) Rotary Club

2) Vital Energy

3) Leff Construction

Parkside Folklorico won for best youth organization entry.

Youth Organization

1) Parkside Folklorico

2) Sebastopol Ballet

3) Little League


1) Kind Hearts

2) Analy High School

3) Twin Hills School

Animal Category

1) Paw Spa

2) Goldridge 4-H

3) Humane Society


1) Chevy Redwood Empire Club

2) Early Day Cars

2) 1941 Plymouth Coupe

Guard Competition

Civil Air Patrol

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Sebastopol Times
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