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Named in honor of the first newspaper that once served this area, Sebastopol Times covers local news, politics and education. Our goal is to help you engage more fully in civic life by keeping you well informed of what is happening in West County. We are an independent, locally owned publication managed and edited by Dale Dougherty and Laura Hagar Rush

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The Sebastopol Times is edited by Dale Dougherty of Make: Magazine and Laura Hagar Rush, the former editor of the Sebastopol newspaper, Sonoma West Times & News and the developer of the Townsy app.

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A independent publication with local news and views of Sebastopol, CA, and parts of West Sonoma County


Laura Hagar Rush 

Former editor of Sonoma West Times and News and creator of Townsy Sebastopol.

Dale Dougherty 

Dale is a Sebastopol resident of over 30 years. He is editor and publisher of Make: Magazine, a DIY Tech quarterly.