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The cease fire resolution was well articulated. I am disappointed that our small (and what I thought was a liberal) town, AKA "peace town" will NOT consider this resolution now. Bringing it up at a later date seems... well, ridiculous. There are as many as 40,000 Palestinians dead already (if you count the ones under the rubble). I'm not only ashamed of the US, in its unwavering support of this slaughter, I'm ashamed of the Sebastopol City Council for caving to the loudest voices.

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Dear Sebastopol City Councilmembers

SO SORRY to read this article.

So many cities around our nation and world have taken on this issue, despite the emotional charge and political heat.

What's so special about Sebastopol that we can't do the same?

We live in a democracy which I used to think was very much alive and well in our little corner of the world.

Now I'm left wondering.


Angela Ford

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Saved me from having to look the council members up for the November election to vote against any who voted for a cease fire. Let's keep Sebastopol out of foreign policy

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