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LAGUNA: The Way of Water, Part 2

The Laguna stretches out long and wide

I shot this video at the northeastern edge of the holding ponds behind the Community Center at around 11:30am today. The Laguna spreads out here and becomes a lake full of ducks and geese.

The two photos below were taken from the place where the walk-bridge spans the Laguna in summer. At this point, you can see the Laguna as a large stream of moving water, surrounding trees and swirling in eddies.

I drove to see the Laguna from the end of High School Road at Occidental Road. The water is not up to the road but it is filling the pasture land, looking more like a lake.

Flooding of Morris Street remains a concern, but apart from the dangers, the storms bring about an amazing transformation of the Laguna floodplain, which is something to see.

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