Love how the Laguna looks right now. I am glad that I don’t have a business in the Barlow!

When I moved here in 1977, I had a landlord who grew up on an apple farm at the corner of High School and Occidental roads. He said that as a kid he would fish and boat in the Laguna most of the year. And during the winter there would be thousands of water fowl that would overwinter here!

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It is just magnificent, I have been walking to the community center area just watching the Laguna fill up. The ducks geese, herons, and egrets it’s amazingly beautiful.

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Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like I may be pulling up the floor at the Community Center again for the fourth time. No rain for four years and then the deluge.

I would really like to take you to lunch sometime soon. We get to see each other occasionally, but I would enjoy hanging out with you, and I do want to write a column for the paper again. Feel free to text or call me at (707)508-5449.

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