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LAGUNA: The Way of Water, Part 3

What a rush along the Rodota trail

On December 30, when I first published “LAGUNA: The Way of Water”, the first in a series of storms had ended in the morning and water was flowinmg gently into the Laguna along the Rodota trail in the afternoon. On January 5th, after another storm, I wrote in “Part 2” about the rising waters in the Laguna behind the Community Center area. On January 7th, I visited the Laguna at the Community Center and the waters were receding so I didn’t publish anything.

Today, after several inches of rain from last night and the day before, the Laguna at the Rodota trail is a powerful stream, gathering water from all around and then forcing it through its main channel under the bridge. The surface of the water was rippling and catching the light while the sounds seemed constant as the water was surging and sweeping by so quickly.

The main channel continues flowing after the bridge, rising to touch the sagging upper branches of some trees.

A sliver lake now covered much of the farm land south of the trail.

In only one place does the water overflow the trail.

Two separate tent structures were hidden behind trees, sitting on small islands surrounded by water. I might not have even seen the tents but I heard two people yelling angrily at each other. On my walk back, two people emerged from the area on bikes, getting through the water and connecting with the trail. An older woman in a blue coat was yelling back at a younger man in black who was shouting instructions for her to change gears so they could go faster.

I drove over to the Community Center. The water had come up on to the trail nearest the Laguna and blocked me from going back to the holding ponds.

Lastly, I drove to High School Road and it was, as expected, considerably higher. The real surprise was that a group was out kayaking and one person was paddle boarding, slowly moving up stream.

The Laguna presents itself so differently depending on where and when you look.

Note: I will be away on a trip for the next week. If any of you are Laguna watchers and take photos after the next round of storms, please share them with me. I’d like to see what you see. (

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